The evangelical free church of Béziers (église évangélique libre de Béziers) is a protestant evangelical church,
member of French Evangelical Free Church Union (Union des Églises Évangéliques Libres de France),
itself member of the French Protestant Federation (Fédération Protestante de France) and the International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches throughout the world.
  • Protestant: Our church is ‘Protestant’ because heir of the Reformation that took place in the 16th century in France (and elsewhere in Europe) protesting towards church practice in use at the time.
    Protesting for exclusive attachment to God’s Grace fully and freely accessible by faith, faith that He offers unconditionally to anyone who accepts the Salvation offered in Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelical: Our church is ‘evangelical’ in its choice to live fully based on the truth of the Gospel which reveals the grace that God has offered in Jesus Christ to all men and women, Grace which is its only reason to exist.
    Evangelical because Christ, the Good News, is its only Guide, Master and Lord. The Holy Spirit of God reveals His presence and His will with His Word, through the Scriptures (the Bible), and by testimonies that he left through history and that he renews day by day.
  • Free: Our church is ‘free’ because it belongs to a movement that separated from French State, in 1849, anticipating official separation in 1905. This movement chose the difficult but clarifying path of emacipation from the State.
    Free to fight for its livelihood but therefore free to choose and shape its full working order, to follow God’s purposes for His Church.