God, after having spoken to the people of Israel through His prophets, revealed Himself perfectly in His Son Jesus Christ. The Bible is the infallible expression of this revelation. Based on this Holy Scripture, in communion with the Universal Church and in particular with the Churches of the Reformation, we declare our faith in these words:

We believe in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; one God blessed forever. He created heaven and earth, the visible and invisible things, and made man in His image. Man rebelled against his God, incurring His wrath. From then on, captive to lies, unable to serve his creator, mankind was delivered to perdition. But God, in His mercy, did not abandon him to death; he sent His Son into the world.

We believe in Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary, true God and true man, mediator of a new covenant through which truth and life are offered to men. He gave His life in sacrifice, once and for all, on the cross. Delivered up for our faults, He has resurrected for our justification. He is the premise of our own resurrection. Raised at the right side of the Father, He is the only way to salvation.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who communicates the truth and life of the Son to those whom the Father calls in His mercy and saves by his grace. United by the Spirit with the risen Christ, we become children of God through the new birth. Justified freely by faith in Jesus Christ, we are in peace with God.

The Church is made up of those whom Christ has reconciled with God. Inhabited by the Spirit, it is the temple of God built by Christ. It is visible locally in communities that we believe should bring together those who profess faith in Jesus Christ. Having personally responded to God’s call, they apply themselves to serve Him together, led by Christ’s Spirit and subject to His Word.

The love of God being the source and foundation of our salvation, we want to love our brothers and sisters in Christ and proclaim the Gospel without which there is no salvation. We also want to love our neighbor by working for peace and justice until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he will come again to judge every creature and establish His kingdom. We await according to His promise new heavens and a new earth where righteousness will dwell. This is our hope.

Statement of Faith of the Union des Églises Évangéliques Libres de France